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The HedgeStone Advantage

If you are seeking out gems, you will need an edge.  Moving as far as possible up the supply channel towards the mine creates distinct advantages for participants in the HedgeStone Mine Direct Program.   HedgeStone deals with supply channels at, or as close as available to the mine.  This provides significant advantages to our client:

  • Tremendous cost savings for investment grade product
  • Superior rarity and selection of quality product

Gems have commonly been bought as an investment to shield us against economic unrest and political uproar. They are loved for their beauty, revered for their mystic powers, and highly sought after for their increasing value. Gemstones emerge worldwide as one of the most popular and sought after ways to invest wisely, increasing in value at unheard of rates recently. Gemstones have resisted market fluctuation during times of economic uncertainty, unlike the fluctuations of currency, stock, and popular commodities.

Sapphire alone has nearly doubled in price in the last 24 months.

Strict Selection Criteria

A HedgeStone gem selected for the "Mine Direct Investment Program" is truly unique.  By definition, every stone must exhibit not only exceptional quality but also have an outstanding appreciation value in the future.  The Investment grade product is chosen specifically for this purpose.  With this in mind, every natural Gemstone selected to be part of the HedgeStone Investment collection must be exceptional.  Each Gem is scrutinized, carefully chosen, and appraised by industry experts to ensure it qualifies as the finest investment-grade color Gemstone.

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