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When buying gemstones for investment purposes, it is critical to buy top grade gems. Low cost commercial grade stones are essentially worthless: they suffer from mediocre color or clarity, and are typically poorly cut, lacking brilliance and fire. Fine gemstones are distinguished by vivid, intense color, outstanding clarity, and excellent cut. Buy the best you can afford, always keeping in mind that this is money not spent, but rather invested.

Consider the following when buying:

    • Ideally, Gemstones are a 10-year investment in my opinion and in this case, the returns can be substantial.  

    • As with fine paintings, there are no set prices. Colored Gemstones, like a Picasso, are a work of art and the price is ultimately decided by the appraisal, and what a buyer is willing to pay at market.  Top quality stones receive their highest value at auction.

The highest price ever paid per carat for a colored diamond was in 1987 at Christies Auction House and was a 0.95ct Fancy Red Diamond that sold for over $927,000.00. The incredible rarity of true color diamonds is unmatched in the industry which leads to a simple lesson…..

“Rarity and Quality translate to Value and Worth”

The HedgeStone Investment grade collection has been selected for its outstanding value and potential for future appreciation. A representative can assist you in the selection of your quality Sapphire, Emerald, or Coloured Diamond.

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