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HedgeStone "Mine Direct" Investment Program

HedgeStone has an 8 year history as a top gem provider globally with a primary focus in Coloured gemstones; primarily, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Coloured Diamonds.  The HedgeStone business model is based on the buying and selling of precious gemstones and promoting the “mine Direct Program” both locally and on a Global Scale.

Clients working with HedgeStone have the distinct advantages of purchasing precious gems at or near sources close to mines globally.

HedgeStone succeeds in offering unprecedented value to its client.  Canadian sales and marketing initiatives are done via an independent agent network, supported and serviced by HedgeStone from its head office located in Ontario, Canada.

What is Direct From The Mine?

HedgeStone is offering a unique purchasing program to its clients referred to as the “Mine Direct Program”.  The program connects the purchaser direct or as close as possible to the mine for acquisition of Investment grade colored gems at a significant discount to appraised value. 

Do we really buy direct from the mine ?

Yes and No.  In some cases HedgeStone deals direct with mines and even has a representative office in Bogota, Columbia for Emerald acquisition.  Often mines deal through their exclusive broker channels for parcels which are auctioned off or reserved for buyers.  Other times we may source product at substantial value through representatives or brokerage houses.  Each and every time however, HedgeStone strives to acquire product at the most direct channel for its availability

Though this unique purchasing process, HedgeStone strives to bypass many or all of the middlemen and steps normally present in processing a gem and delivering it to market.  In addition, HedgeStone has arrangements with world class cutting and finishing laboratories to ensure that all rough gemstone material acquired by the company are processed and provided to the client at the maximum lowest value.  Put simply HedgeStone provides the client the ability to purchase  one of the world’s most valuable commodities at a cost deeply discounted from the appraisal value.

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