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Prices for wholesale Colombian emeralds have continued increasing into 2015, showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. Analysts were predicting a 30% rise however market sources put this figure closer to 60%.

Jean Ghika, 2015 - Bonhams Auctions

  “The price for high-quality emeralds has increased by a factor of 10 since 2009, and the price of Colombian emeralds is set to increase by at least 25% this year alone.”  CNN. Dec 4, 2013
  “emerald is not only one of the most beautiful gemstones, but also one of the most valuable…. Price of a top-quality emerald may be higher than that of a diamond of the same weight.”  
  "Emeralds are extraordinarily profitable....  The price ceiling for high quality emeralds has recently doubled."   Ezine: Jan 4, 2011
  Bloomburg Business Article - Exert April 2015:  " … Take regular emeralds: their value has appreciated 1,000 percent in five years as Harebottle’s Gemfields Plc and peers expanded mines, while marketing campaigns fronted by Hollywood star Mila Kunis gave demand a boost."



  • Quality Emeralds Carat for Carat demand a higher value than diamonds

  • Emeralds are far rarer in nature than diamonds

  • Increased demand for quality Stones especially in Asian Markets

  • Decreased supply

  • Mining costs rising as easily accessible deposits become exhausted

  • Lower production volumes globally attributed to political instability (partly due to the death by cancer of the self proclaimed  Columbian "Emerald Tzar" Victor Caranza)

  • Increased exposure through Hollywood stars’ preference for the stone.
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