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All of the 4 C’s are important. Color however is the first factor that we consider at HedgeStone. Finding natural fancy color diamonds with the most strength of color is at the core of our pursuit. The more saturated the color, the rarer and thus more valuable the diamond is. The strength of color must be considered in connection with the overall rarity of each particular color as well. Red diamonds are considered the most rare, followed by orange and violet. This does not mean that colors like blue, green and pink are easy to find, though they are considered less rare. Yellow diamonds of intense and vivid grades continue to become more difficult to find.

Finest Cut

All cuts are not created equal. The quality of a cut, its faceting, polishing and finishing will greatly reflect the stone's radiance, quality and value. HedgeStone only uses industry top skilled diamond cutters and finishers for its investment grade Rough Diamonds, and seeks out product for the Investment Program that exhibits a degree of excellence that ensures a unique product and exceptional value to the collector. A quality cut with excellent proportions will bring out the brilliance and radiance in the product and maximize its demand, marketability and resale value.

Highest Clarity

We take great pride in seeking the highest clarity grades possible for each diamond.  Color diamonds with higher clarity grades are most difficult to acquire and are increasingly rare and valuable. Our unwavering commitment to acquiring diamonds with the highest clarity ensures only the finest diamonds are added to our collection.

Carat Weight

The old expression "bigger is better" does not always apply especially when dealing with coloured diamonds. If all other aspects are equal, certainly a larger diamond will be more valuable than a smaller one. But very often, a top grade small diamond of extraordinary colour and quality will far surpass the value of a larger stone of lesser quality. Never judge a stone just by its size alone. The carat weight of a diamond will determine its value when all the other criteria is met. The carat weight is carefully considered with each acquisition to ensure optimum value.

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