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Coloured Diamond Investing

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  Natural Colored Diamonds are the currently the safest hard asset investment on the market.
  A decade-long diamond investment outpaced returns in the yen, euro, and Nasdaq or Dow Jones.
  For a more clear-cut investment, everyone in the jewelry business agrees that diamonds are your best bet.
  Diamonds will continue to outperform gold as the gold rush moderates while continued demand growth and supply constraints drive diamonds high.

20 years ago a 1 carat Fancy Intense Pink Argyle Diamond would have sold for approximately $70,000.00 per carat, today that same diamond would be worth $500,000.00.


  • Investment grade coloured Diamonds are appreciating as much as 15-30% annually

  • Coloured diamonds have never decreased in value

  • Demand is increasing with limited supply from mine resources

  • Diminishing supply annually results in a strong price increase

  • An average of only 1 in 10,000 carats mined is a coloured diamond, and from that few are gem grade and fewer still investment grade.
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